Reiki- a Quick Reliever

Reiki – a quick reliever

I was flying from Mumbai to Delhi on 23 October 2017 evening. My co passenger, a girl sitting next to me had a bad throat which was causing her pain in throat and was continuously coughing. I introduced myself to her by giving her my visiting card and offered her reiki healing. She immediately said yes, and asked me to help her. I gave her reiki for about 20 mins by holding her hand in my palms. After few mins of healing, she stopped coughing completely and went to sleep. Through out the journey of 2 hrs she did not cough at all and was very relaxed.

Reiki worked for her as a quick reliever from cough.


Reiki brings back your self-respect and dignity


A love relationship has to be happy and life-giving for both people. It should, primarily, be joyful, and both of them need to be appreciated, heard and loved.

One should feel safe in being oneself. Their beloved should be, to the best of his or her ability, supporting their expansion and growth as an individual, not thwarting it, and one should be doing the same for their beloved too.

If either of the partner feels stifled or shut down in any way, or if the relationship feels draining or difficult, then their relationship has to change or it will, likely, to end.broken heart


From last few years, I have been receiving many relationship problems / healing cases and the number is still going on.

I have seen girls / boys getting shattered because of their broken relationships. But, in spite of many miserable feelings like- despair, grief, anger, feelings of revenge etc. developed in them because of their broken relationship, they still wanted their love / partner to be back in their life at any cost. They may have also gone into panic and fear that they were incapable of having a relationship or that they will not find someone else to love.


On contrary, I always told them that, the world is a huge place with so many people looking to love and to be loved, so, rather than hanging on to the past, they should open to their perfect match so they may experience the love, joy and right companionship that their Creator has cued up for them.

Reiki can play a vital role in life of such broken heart people. If it is in the highest good of all concerned for both the people in relationship to get back together, then reiki will help in make this happen, and, if it is not then reiki will do the following things done-

  • Making them mentally and emotionally a stronger person
  • Increasing their self-respect and maintaining their dignity
  • Clearing out old energy and residue from their last relationship
  • Addressing emotional blockages that are keeping them from moving on
  • Bringing awareness to the inner sensations they may not have been able to feel since being single
  • Raising their vibration
  • Setting clear energetic boundaries for new relationships
  • Opening them up to attract new people and circumstances into their life


Last year in August 2015, I did a relationship healing for a girl from Canada and her boyfriend was from USA. They both were Indians. They were friends from the last 13-14 yrs and their relationship was very much caring, sharing type.

Last year when they were in India, they decided to get married and their parents were also ready. Just before 2 days of their engagement, the boy went back to US without saying anything to the girl and when she asked him for the reason, he said- “we are not compatible so it’s better that we do not get married.”

After that, he stopped talking to her and was not responding to any of her messages, e-mails, phone calls etc.She was completely shattered and called me for help.

Before starting their relationship healing, I told her that Reiki would work for their highest good and whatever would be the best for them, would happen and she agreed for that.

I did their relationship healing. The boy started responding to her e-mails but did not come back in her life as he was not meant to be her life partner in destiny.

But, the most important thing that happened was, she became mentally and emotionally stronger person and accepted the situation and moved on in her life.

Just few days back, she called me to tell me that Reiki did best for her. She said- After the Reiki session was over, within 2 months she met another boy who is giving her the real happiness.


Few years back, another girl came to me to get help from Reiki to save her marriage. She was looking very weak and depressed.

She had love marriage with a different caste boy. After few years of their marriage, her husband wanted to take divorce from her with petty excuses like- she did not learn his caste language, not learned making food like his mother etc. and declared that they are not meant to be together so it would be better to get separated and filed for their divorce.

She was deeply in love with him and wanted to save her marriage at any cost. I did their relationship healing but couldn’t stop their divorce as it was in their destiny. But, reiki healing made her mentally and emotionally stronger person. Financially she was already independent as she was a working woman, but after healing sessions, she became psychologically independent woman too.

She gracefully moved on to her life. Last year she found her real soul mate and got married and now living happily.


Reiki is a soothing, nurturing way to ease the emotional and sometimes physical pain that can accompany a break up.

It gets to the most deeply rooted parts of your psyche and soul, in a loving manner. With the right number of Reiki sessions, you may be able to recover from a break up once and for all.

You will see your energy and vitality soar, priming you for all good things to come your way.

You may just attract a new love or soul mate with the strength of your luminous glow that you receive from Reiki healing sessions.

My suggestion to every person who gets shattered because their love walked away from their life is- Before you decide to go back, spend time instead, deciding what you’re worth and what you truly deserve. (Time. Attention. Security. Honesty. Commitment. etc.)

And, just because you may not have had these things in the past, doesn’t mean you never will. You just have to decide to have them moving forward—and that you’re unwilling to compromise your self-worth ever again.

Remember, your relationship is a reflection of your self-worth. It’s also a reflection of what you believe you deserve.

So, gently guide your heart back into its cage, every time it wants to chase people who will shoot it down.

Repeat this: I Always Deserve Love, Care, Trust and Respect.


In odd and emergent situations reiki comes to your rescue as God

It was Saturday night 12 years back when I was going to airport in taxi to catch a flight to Mumbai at 9.20pm from New Delhi. I left home way before time. Taxi was going with right speed till I crossed DND flyover. Once I reached the outer ring road, the speed decreased to 10-15 km/ hr. The airport from my house was approx 40 km. I had barely crossed 20-25 kilometres. Near IIT Delhi, the road became very narrow because the metro work was going on. The taxi was just crawling. It seemed impossible to catch the flight as it was already 8.15pm.

Then I started sending Reiki to the traffic to get clear and to the air plane too, so I don’t miss it. As I was 2nd degree Reiki Practitioner, I was able to send reiki at distance. By the time I reached the airport, it was 9pm and the worst scenario was that I had to get my ticket print from the counter as my printer at home was not working. I reached the counter for the same, and came to know that worst still had to come. A passenger was having argument with the counter person for some reason. It was 9.05pm. I rushed to the entry gate guard, quickly told him my story. He then rushed to the counter, entered in and asked the person to print my ticket first then handle the other passenger who was arguing with him. He then helped me screening my luggage, in getting the boarding pass. I had to run to catch the last bus for air plane as they were announcing my name for the last time. I reached the plane, climbed up the stairs, immediately they closed the door, and as soon as I was seated, the plane took off.

With the grace of reiki energy and a second degree symbol CKR, I was able to catch my flight.


Similar kind of problem one of my co-passenger Mr Singh faced when we were travelling in August Kranti Rajdhani train from New Delhi to Mumbai six years back. After approx two hours of journey, our train suddenly stopped. We came to know that the engine had some problem and we had to wait till the new engine came. It took approx 3 hrs. By the time we reached Mumbai, it was 6 hrs late because of signal problem.

One of my co-passengers was a young navy officer. He had to catch a connecting train from LTT station of Mumbai to Goa in an hour. It was impossible for him to catch that train on time in heavy traffic of Mumbai. He said he had to join his duty next morning otherwise had to face some penalty. He did not have enough money to catch an air plane too. So, I suggested him to try to catch the train from Panvel station which was around 2 hrs away from the station we de-boarded the train. I asked him to give his details like- his name, age, address, train which he was going to catch etc. I told him that I will send reiki to him and will try to help him in catching his train. On the way home I started sending reiki to him.

After two hrs he called me and said, “I got the train. I was just on time. The train was about to leave the station.” He thanked me and Reiki many times.


My elder son, who lives in Mumbai, visited us in last October. His return was from a Durga Puja special premium train. The time of the train was 14.00 hrs from New Delhi. In haste he read the time as 4pm instead of 2pm. He was planning to go to New Delhi by metro train. So he left well in advance around 1pm. I started reiki for him for his safe journey. Before catching a rikshaw for metro, he just checked his ticket and realised his mistake. He immediately called me and informed me about the same and asked to do reiki to help him in catching the train. Going by metro was not a good idea then, so he took an auto. The Station was approx 20 km from here. It was looking like an impossible task to reach the station on time due to heavy traffic on roads. But, due to the grace of the reiki energy, he reached station 10 minutes before the departure time.

Reiki is a spiritual energy and helps you as God in all odd situations.

Note: Such experiments should be practiced when the route is blocked, there are emergency situations and you have to reach your destination within a specific time frame. When there is no other way out to reach your goal, then only such experiments should be practiced, but never under normal circumstances.


Reiki- A Ray of Hope for Distressed People

Reiki- A Ray of Hope for Distressed People

Reiki helps in finding whether a missing

person is alive or dead.



It was the night of September 2010, my niece from Mumbai called and asked me to do Reiki for one of her neighbour’s son who was missing since that evening. She asked me to make his mind positive and bring him home. It was 10 pm; I started healing him, and experienced a very weird feeling, and my hands were icy cold. I felt like the boy was not at all absorbing any Reiki energy which was being sent to him. A thought came in my mind, is the boy alive or not? As this was my first experience, I was a bit scared.

Next morning around 7.30am, my niece called and informed me that police had found his dead body. He had committed suicide the previous night around 9pm in front of a running train. He was a 12th grade student and had a tremendous pressure of board exams.

Then I realized it was an obvious reason why I had experienced those icy cold feelings, and why that boy was not absorbing any Reiki energy- It was a dead body which didn’t absorb/ need any life force energy.

It was indeed, a sad story, but as a Reiki Grand Master, I am a very positive person, I believe that from every negative event / situation, we can extract some positive outcome. This experience of mine helped in bringing relief in many grieving people who were in lot of emotional as well as mental stress as their loved ones were missing due to some reason or the other, and they didn’t know if they were alive or not.


 In October month of 2010, a young engineer came to me to find some information regarding his girlfriend with whom he had no contacts since last one year. She had a brain tumour and was very ill at the time of their forced separation. Her parents were against their daughter’s relationship with this person. They sent her abroad to some other country without even informing him. They also disconnected every mode of communication between them; phone, emails, and even none of girl’s relative or friends were allowed to give any information about the girl to him. He was in deep love with her and was really upset and gradually a feeling was developed in his mind whether she was alive or not.

lost loverHe asked me to heal this situation and I did so. After first session of healing; I couldn’t tell him where she was, but, assured him that she was alive as she was accepting Reiki energy from me. Later he asked me to make her to talk to him at least once via any communication mode and after one course of healing (i.e.-21 distance healing sessions), she called him. Health wise she was better but was married to someone else by that time. The boy was still happy as she was alive. Reiki had made him mentally and emotionally a very stronger person and it also helped him in moving further in his life. Now he is well settled in Germany.

deprssed boy

A friend of mine from Jaipur, Rajasthan, called me one night of March 2011, and asked me to heal her sister in laws grandson, who was missing after giving his first final exam of 12th board exam. They were very scared and wanted to know about their child. I healed him and assured them that he was alive as he was also absorbing Reiki energy from me. Just after second session of distance healing, he contacted his brother through email. After one more session of healing, he came home as Reiki had made his mind positive.

amarnath yatra

Another friend of mine from Bulandsahar, Uttar Pradesh, called me on a late evening of August 2012. She was very upset, scared and was crying, as her elder son was missing. Her husband and her two sons went for Baba Amarnath Darshan in Jammu & Kashmir. The cave in which this shrine is situated is at an altitude of 3,888 m (12,756 ft). This pilgrimage yatra is very tough and the air pressure there is always very low. Her elder son had bronchitis problem. That night rain was making the weather worst. Her son was very tired due to his health problems and was on a horse.

At night, due to some circumstances, her elder son got separated from his family, and his mobile phone was also not working and lost all contacts. Her husband called her and informed about the situation. She called me and asked help of Reiki to find condition of her son. After first Reiki session I told her that she should not worry as her son was alive as he was absorbing the Reiki energy. After one more healing session in the morning, one of their relative who was coming down from the shrine, met him, and he informed his father about the camp he was staying and later they were united.

Every answer you ever need lies with Reiki.



Reiki works for your good in relationship problems-

Relationship is very important in everyone’s life. To keep it healthy saves oneself from unnecessary emotional troubles and stress in life.

Reiki can help in troubled relationships of all kinds, like- married couples, parents and children relationships, siblings, friends, colleagues.

Reiki is a very effective therapy which assists in healthy, vibrant and good relationships. It also helps in creating and nurturing successful relations.

 Reiki works for the highest and best good of the recipient, as dictated by the recipient’s higher self, as such whatever the highest and best is for one’s relationship will start to flow. This means you stay together or move on is not always clear. But Reiki is about healing and can only help.

 Troubled relationship

 Reiki can heal conflicts in relationships and clear off the blockages inside your mind. The universal form of life force energy can heal body and mind of a person. It can balance the energy forces and gets towards different solutions for issues. Reiki can clear off the blockages of energy patterns having no use in your life. It can also welcome new form of energies in a better way and get you rid of the unhealthy energy, which can let you down and becomes a reason for breaking off relationships.


Veena from Surat, called me in the month of June 2009.

She was worried about her brother, Vijay Rathi and his wife, Sunita’s troubled relationship.

Sunita had a very bad experience before marriage, which had created a psychological problem in her life. She was suspicious all the time on her husband, having relationship with other women.

Many a times she used to get violent on her husband and also on her 9 year old son due to some reason or the other.

Vijay wanted her to get proper treatment for her problem, but she was not ready for that too. After trying for many years, Vijay finally wanted to end this relationship, but she was not ready for that too. Her parents were also creating problems all the time.

Veena wanted some peace in her brother’s life and was also worried about her nephew’s psychological development.

Veena called me and asked to help her brother.

I healed their relationship and asked cosmic energy reiki to bring result which was for their highest good.

I healed them for 21 days and finally they got divorced from each other, on mutual understanding. Now Vijay is leading a peaceful life with his son, and sunita is with her parents.

Reiki saved a marriage

Reiki is a fantastic tool for clearing off the conflicts in relationships and drafting a new pathway for beginning healthy relationships to begin in your life. It is an art of balancing your soul, thoughts and physical body to give birth to better relationships. It can build stronger roots for your relations and help you to lead a stable life.


Vaibhav, who lives in Delhi, came to me for self healing in January month of 2009, asked me to help his college friends, Neeraj and Meena.

Neeraj and Meena were married in 2008. It was a love cum arranged marriage. They were introduced to each other by some common friends. Soon they started liking each other and got married.

Neeraj was an engineer, based abroad and Meena was a fashion designer.

After marriage, Meena also moved abroad with husband Neeraj. For six months, they were very happy. Suddenly, they started parting from each other. Things became so worse that they were not in talking terms to each other.

And, finally they realized that they can not live with each other so decided to get divorce.

Neeraj was advised by his friend to take a last chance with Reiki to save his marriage and he agreed.

Vaibhav approached me. Explained the case and asked me to help.

I started healing for their relationship by distance healing, once a day. I was trying to remove the misunderstanding developed between them. I also tried to remove ego of both the people and developed love between them once again. I healed them for two course of distance healing. One course consists of 21 healing session.

The outcome was that -they started talking and caring for each other. Ego between them was gone. Now they are a very happy married couple.

Reiki can help you gain clarity, tap into your intuition, and discover your inner wisdom. It can also give you big-picture perspective to better assess if your relationship is working or if something needs to change.

You know when there’s something you really want—say, a healthy relationship, or a specific goal, or a challenge to overcome? And even though it’s a positive thing, you can feel in your body where you hold resistance to it. Maybe because change can be scary, maybe because it stretches you to grow, but from whatever place that this resistance is coming from, Reiki can be very effective at softening and helping you let go of it.

Lastly, Reiki is all about balance, whether it’s your emotions, your physical body, or your life in general and if all areas of your life are in balance you’ll be happier and your relationships will be happier too.


The principle of Affinity- LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE

People who are looking for inner peace, calm and wants freedom from stress, should accept and work on the following principle-

The principle of Affinity- LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE


Whatever we think about, draws, attracts and generates an emotion similar to the thoughts in our mind. So, if we start meditating on how badly we have been treated and how we have been let down by others, corresponding negative emotions arise and multiply.

We start feeling sad, getting “depressed”. The mood is “down”. The more unhappy and sad we feel and continue meditating on our problem, the worse we begin to feel. We may end up with a severe headache or need to stay in bed feeling totally miserable.

What you can do if you don’t have any healing system available?

 Either do the following things-

1)      Go for a brisk walk, take a jog or any other form of physical exercise in open air, in a park or garden. It will throw out negative energy from your body and replace it with the positive energy available from the environment.

2)      One can chant any mantra in a temple; it also creates the same effect.

3)      At home- evaporate camphor, burn an oil lamp or a candle, swab floors with sea- salt water, fresh cut flowers with leaves and stems can be kept in water in a vase or a bowl also transmute negative energy.

4)      The sound vibrations made by blowing into a conch-shell destroy subtle negative energy, destroying and retarding normal growth patterns of bacteria and viruses while creating healing energies.


Focus your attention on the positive.

 Recite this every morning in front of a mirror while smiling-

Every day in every way I am getting better and better.

In a Reiki way we say- I live in an abundance of everything- health, wealth, joy and happiness. 

With the principle of Like Attracts Like, an “abundance” of positivity rapidly begins to manifest in the individual’s life.

With Reiki empowerment / attunement a fresh abundance is created, magnified and accelerated to a phenomenal degree, to materialize in the individual’s life.


Reiki Makes Children- Brighter, Sharper, and Healthier!

Children are born with clear energy channels. No matter how much they get hurt, they heal at a rapid pace. They are never tired. They are always happy, always smiling, and full of energy and never bored. They allow energy to move freely through their body, making it easy for them to heal faster and remain happier.

But, this happiness is short-lived, since with time the energy channels start getting blocked. This happens because as they grow up, they are more and more exposed to temptations, greed, anger, jealousy and other negativities in the form of negative thoughts, feelings, and also with bad / junk food.

Add to this, lack of exercise also makes things worse even faster for today’s video-game addicted child. A child has to cope with much more than before, with competition in every field, creating more stress for him. Television and the internet are also stripping a child of its innocence and energy much before its time.

Luckily, it doesn’t always have to turn out this way. Once a child learns and practices Reiki regularly, the daily cleansing ensures that any negativity picked up during the day is immediately removed, and the child continues to channel as much energy as before. This ensures that when a child grows up, he or she continues to have the same energy and capacity to learn as before, while growing wiser with age.

Reiki works best with children for the simple reason that they have much lesser negativity, and Reiki can get straight to work. For this reason, children reikichildren are also much better healers when compared to adults. Reiki helps improve concentration and memory, thereby helping children perform better at studies. It also aids the development of the right brain, which means that they are more creative and also develop their intuition and psychic abilities much better than their peers. This leads to better emotional intelligence as well, which is essential to progress in today’s world.


Reiki ensures better health so they hardly miss school, which again helps

them cope better with studies. Reiki also helps teenagers remain grounded and sane during the most tumultuous/ restless period of their life. This not only makes parenting them a bit easier, but also ensures that any possible problems are kept to a minimum.

Reiki is one of the biggest boons children have today, because it helps them do one thing that nothing else can – remain a child.

With the knowledge of Reiki, children become empowered and are able to help themselves when they are hurt, sad, or afraid and also feel safe and protected.

Reiki is making their world a better place and effectively changing our world as well.


Reiki could Save your Valuable Things


One of my students Mrs Verma called me today and told me how Reiki energy had saved her purse a couple of days back on Diwali eve. She had gone for shopping with her family in GIP mall of sector 18, Noida and after shopping she was waiting for her car outside the mall.

She kept all her bags along with her purse on one of the benches there and when her car came, she picked all her bags but forgot to pick her purse. While they were returning home, her husband asked her to buy some diyas for Diwali. She started looking for her purse and realized that she had forgotten it outside the mall. They immediately returned back to the mall but suddenly her car broke down on the way.

Then her son asked her to take an auto ricksaw to reach there. On the way she started sending Reiki energy to her purse, to protect it. When they reached there for her pleasant surprise, her purse was still lying there intact. She had some jewellery along with cash in her purse, but thanks to Reiki energy all were safe.


 Similar kind of incident happened to me also few years back during Diwali days. I went for shopping with my husband on Dhanteras day and had a good amount of money in my purse. In a steel utensil shop, I purchased some utensils, the shop was over crowded. My husband was standing near cash counter so I took out some money from my purse and asked him to pay the bill while I was waiting for the salesman to give my order. Suddenly a thought came in my mind and I looked at my purse and was shocked that it was open and the money was hanging outside my purse. I was shocked and surprised how it had happened and suddenly a second thought came in my mind that the lady standing next to me was trying to steal my money. I told other customers about her. The owner of the shop heard me and made that lady leave the shop immediately.

I practice Reiki daily. Reiki not only make you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy and fit but also it brings over all positivity in your life and keeps all negative energies away from you. You can protect your valuables like cash, jewellery, house, vehicles and even your loved ones too, with it.

I can say- Practicing Reiki everyday, keeps all negative energies away.


Miraculous Escape from an Eye Surgery

Portrait of female eyesEyes are the most important sense organ of our body. We get most of our information about the world from our sense of sight. However, many people overlook eye health as part of their regular health routine.

Everyone experience some type of eye problem at some point of their life. Most of them are short-lived and easily treated, but for aged people eye problem is a serious issue.

Most common eye problems for the aged people are caused due to diseases like cataract, glaucoma, retinal dysfunction etc. According to medical studies, the first noticeable change in eyesight like blurry vision or power problems usually happens at the age of 40s, which worsen towards 50s or 60s.

Reiki is a very effective holistic treatment for any eye problem. Reiki works on all energetic levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. According to Reiki, the cause for illness exists in one of these levels. As all the levels are interlinked, it is treated as a whole and treatment is targeted to provide true healing by bringing back all levels into harmony.

Mrs Awasthy who is a business lady, a resident of Noida was 62 yrs old when she came to me with her eye problem in December 2008. She was suffering from pain, redness in her eyes and was experiencing occasional bright light flashes which were very painful and had floaters in her eyes too. She said her ophthalmologist / eye doctor told her that she was suffering from initial symptoms of a retinal detachment or of a retinal tear that precedes the detachment itself. If it happens, then she has to under go a surgery to fix the problem, but the doctor did not give guarantee that full vision would be retained after the surgery.

Retinal detachment is a disorder of the eye in which the retina peels away from its underlying layer of support tissue. Initial detachment may be localized, but without rapid treatment the entire retina may detach, leading to vision loss and blindness. It is a medical emergency.

Almost all patients with retinal detachments must have surgery to place the retina back in its proper position. Most retinal detachment surgeries (80 to 90 percent) are successful, although a second operation is sometimes needed.

After successful surgery for retinal detachment, vision may take many months to improve and, in some cases, may never return fully. Unfortunately, some patients do not recover any vision. The more severe the detachment, the less vision may return.

I treated Mrs. Awasthy through personal healing that day and after that continued with distance healing. After a week, she had an appointment with her eye doctor. After checking her eyes he said that her eyes conditions were improving. Redness and heaviness of the eyes were disappeared. I continued healing her and slowly the light flashes were gone too. I treated her with three courses of distance healings. One course includes 21 healing sessions. Till today she is fine with her healthy eyes and she did not have to under go any eye surgery too.

By practicing Reiki every day, one can tap into their body’s natural ability to balance, relieve stress and heighten their senses, including eyesight.

Good eyesight means having the gift of enjoying all the beauty and color of the earth. Sight does more then seeing what is in front of us. It allows for insight and foresight, for our existence as healthy, successful human beings.

Keep your eyes always healthy.


A Miracle by Reiki

pregnant-woman-holding-bellyI still remember the night of 12th September 2009. It was Saturday night, around 10.45pm, a lady named Mandita, called me and said she was a six month pregnant lady. She was hospitalized as she had developed a hole in her uterus and water was leaking, threatening the life of her unborn baby. She also had a vaginal infection. Her doctors were treating her from last three days, but could not control the infection and were not giving any guarantee to save her baby too. She said she had an eight year old son and after that, she had two miscarriages and again the third time, she was facing the same problem. She and her family had again lost all hopes of having another baby.

Suddenly she asked her husband to find out a Reiki Master as she wanted to take a last chance for her baby. Her husband found my name and number. She called me and told me everything about her physical condition and asked if I could help her. I said Yes, at least I could try. I told her to message me her details like- her full name, age, address and hospital’s name, address, ward number etc.

I started healing her from the same night and healed her twice a day. On fifth day, she was better and was discharged from the hospital safely with her unborn baby. Doctors asked her for a complete bed rest till the delivery time.

I treated her with two courses of healing. One course included 21 healing sessions. When her husband came to meet me, I asked him what he had experienced after Reiki healing to his wife. He said, his wife was better and the doctors were saying that they didn’t know what and how the baby had survived, and how this miracle was happening. Whatever had happened was beyond their imagination. This was proving that something was protecting my baby and that must be the Reiki energy.

After completing nine months, Mandita gave birth to a 3.2 kg healthy baby girl with a normal delivery. Their family was completed as they dreamt.

mother-and-newborn-baby-girlReiki is a drug-less and very simple natural therapy. In this, positive energy of universe is passed in to the problematic area of the patient’s body. It works on all levels-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It can be learnt very easily in one day. Its results have surprised a common man to specialist doctors many a times.

Reiki is very safe for a pregnant woman. Pregnancy is a special period for each woman’s life. In this period, a woman undergoes physical, hormonal and emotional changes. Sometimes pregnancy is filled with tension, sickness, fear and pain. In these cases, a pregnant woman needs special attention. Reiki is very helpful in conceiving, during pregnancy, at the time of delivery and all the problems faced after delivery by the mother or the baby. As no drugs are used in Reiki, it is a very safe therapy for a pregnant woman.

Reiki is a very gentle but very effective energy. There is no side or negative effects of Reiki. That’s why we even can treat babies which are still growing in their mother’s womb. Delivery can be made painless and normal with Reiki. It gives mental and emotional support to the mother and helps in the growth of her baby too.

Reiki creates stronger bonds between mother and baby. It builds confidence in motherhood too.


Reiki can Reverse the Bad Effects of Work Stress

Reiki is very useful for corporates in today’s competitive world.

corporate people

Workplace stress management is the most common problem today. Stress in any workplace can be due to increased expectations, long working hours, excess work load, inadequate sleep and body rest, less time devoted to family, office politics, competition, lack of corporate recognition, job insecurity, company reorganization or new mergers and acquisitions. Here, Reiki has been very successful in helping corporates in all possible ways.

work-stressWork Stress can lead to frustration, decreased concentration, anxiety, higher anger levels, conflicts with colleagues and family members, depression, physical illnesses such as heart disease, stomach problems, back problems, frequent headaches, etc. To help people cope up with the work-related pressure and to increase productivity of the company, employees’ mind should be stable and healthy.

Aradhana Agrawal the HOD of ECD Pvt Ltd., Mumbai, and mother of two young kids, had a life saving experience with Reiki on 25th Sep 2008.


Role of Reiki in Personality Development

Reiki is a very simple, gentle and effective system of transmitting universal life- energy through hands-on-healing or distance sending. It is used for healing in a broader sense: the healing of the body, emotions, mind, spiritual healing and growth.

It facilitates life, growth, healing, transformation, manifestation, balance, inner peace, oneness and the light in which we recognize the truth.

Everyone disposes to a certain degree of reiki but the amount of this energy however is often weak and unfocused. Through a system of attunements, symbols, simple techniques and some principles you can make this spiritual power of the universe so much more useful. Anybody can learn how to do this in a day and can immediately practice healing self and others too.


In our body there are seven main energy centers or chakras. All our body parts, body systems, endocrine glands of our physical body, mental, emotional and spiritual body as well as our seven layers of Aura (Walay or Abha Mandal) are connected to them. Reiki treatment includes removing negative energies from the chakras and balancing energies in them.

Balanced seven chakras not only make us physically fit but also, mentally, emotionally as well as spiritually fit and healthy. Each chakra has certain characteristics that help us in developing physical, psychological, social and philosophical personality and many more.

For eg. If we energize all chakras daily for few minutes, we can develop a pleasing personality supported by good health, strength and withstanding capacity thus developing our physical personality.

The third eye chakra (Aagya Chakra) will make us mentally strong supported by good memory, fast learning skills, better thinking pattern, intelligence, smartness and increases our ability to visualize and manifest thus developing our psychological personality.

The throat chakra (Vishudhhi Chakra) makes our communication skills strong, gives us a right attitude supported by mental creativity, our ability to constructively express anger and other emotions thus developing our social personality.

The Heart chakra ( Anahat Chakra) makes us emotionally strong by removing negative thoughts, fear, anger, jealousy, intolerant, bad habits like addiction of smoking, drinking etc., thus develop our personal and social values.

The Solar plexus chakra (Manipur Chakra) is the seat of our personal power. It helps us transform our hopes and aspirations (especially material ones) into reality thus make us self confident with a clear sense of purpose.

The Hara chakra (Swadhisthan Chakra) fuels our emotions and creativity. It makes us handle any situation more maturely thus develop our philosophical personality.

The Root Chakra ( Muladhar Chakra) creates in us a healthy desire for basics of life- food, clothes and shelter, thus helps us in finding a right job for earning.

Personality is the result of man’s experience; it is the sum total of all that he has said, done, felt, thought, hoped for and believed in; it is the result of his reactions to the events of life as they come and go.

Don’t give up your heart if you face anything hard in your life. It all depends on our views. Developing Personality is not a one day activity. It takes time depends on our interest & dedication to improve it. Find out the factor which you are weak in & try to work on that & Lead a Happy Life!!!!!!!


Reiki: Adopt as a Life style

In today’s busy and complicated life, Reiki is a boon to man kind

Everyone is tensed and stressed out at every field whether it is a home front, work place, society level, country level or even at international level.

If we start from home, tension begins with earning a decent amount of money to tackle all the necessity expenses. For this only husband’s salary is inadequate so the wife has to leave home or earn money too. The time she should have devoted in upbringing her children and taking care of her husband and house; now she is devoting in earning money, which is resulting in tension, quarrels, misunderstandings between all of them. Followed by misunderstandings or even a divorce.

At the work place, keeping harmony with the boss, colleagues and meeting dead lines is becoming a big headache for those who are already stressed out with family problems.

To tackle all the problems, Reiki is becoming a boon to man kind.

Reiki is a natural therapy, in which cosmic energy is used for the treatment of any ailment or problems. Reiki heals all four levels problems- physical, mental, emotional & spiritual.

You can deal with your relationship, career or any other sort of problem using Reiki.

You name the problem, Reiki is there to help