In odd and emergent situations reiki comes to your rescue as God

It was Saturday night 12 years back when I was going to airport in taxi to catch a flight to Mumbai at 9.20pm from New Delhi. I left home way before time. Taxi was going with right speed till I crossed DND flyover. Once I reached the outer ring road, the speed decreased to 10-15 km/ hr. The airport from my house was approx 40 km. I had barely crossed 20-25 kilometres. Near IIT Delhi, the road became very narrow because the metro work was going on. The taxi was just crawling. It seemed impossible to catch the flight as it was already 8.15pm.

Then I started sending Reiki to the traffic to get clear and to the air plane too, so I don’t miss it. As I was 2nd degree Reiki Practitioner, I was able to send reiki at distance. By the time I reached the airport, it was 9pm and the worst scenario was that I had to get my ticket print from the counter as my printer at home was not working. I reached the counter for the same, and came to know that worst still had to come. A passenger was having argument with the counter person for some reason. It was 9.05pm. I rushed to the entry gate guard, quickly told him my story. He then rushed to the counter, entered in and asked the person to print my ticket first then handle the other passenger who was arguing with him. He then helped me screening my luggage, in getting the boarding pass. I had to run to catch the last bus for air plane as they were announcing my name for the last time. I reached the plane, climbed up the stairs, immediately they closed the door, and as soon as I was seated, the plane took off.

With the grace of reiki energy and a second degree symbol CKR, I was able to catch my flight.


Similar kind of problem one of my co-passenger Mr Singh faced when we were travelling in August Kranti Rajdhani train from New Delhi to Mumbai six years back. After approx two hours of journey, our train suddenly stopped. We came to know that the engine had some problem and we had to wait till the new engine came. It took approx 3 hrs. By the time we reached Mumbai, it was 6 hrs late because of signal problem.

One of my co-passengers was a young navy officer. He had to catch a connecting train from LTT station of Mumbai to Goa in an hour. It was impossible for him to catch that train on time in heavy traffic of Mumbai. He said he had to join his duty next morning otherwise had to face some penalty. He did not have enough money to catch an air plane too. So, I suggested him to try to catch the train from Panvel station which was around 2 hrs away from the station we de-boarded the train. I asked him to give his details like- his name, age, address, train which he was going to catch etc. I told him that I will send reiki to him and will try to help him in catching his train. On the way home I started sending reiki to him.

After two hrs he called me and said, “I got the train. I was just on time. The train was about to leave the station.” He thanked me and Reiki many times.


My elder son, who lives in Mumbai, visited us in last October. His return was from a Durga Puja special premium train. The time of the train was 14.00 hrs from New Delhi. In haste he read the time as 4pm instead of 2pm. He was planning to go to New Delhi by metro train. So he left well in advance around 1pm. I started reiki for him for his safe journey. Before catching a rikshaw for metro, he just checked his ticket and realised his mistake. He immediately called me and informed me about the same and asked to do reiki to help him in catching the train. Going by metro was not a good idea then, so he took an auto. The Station was approx 20 km from here. It was looking like an impossible task to reach the station on time due to heavy traffic on roads. But, due to the grace of the reiki energy, he reached station 10 minutes before the departure time.

Reiki is a spiritual energy and helps you as God in all odd situations.

Note: Such experiments should be practiced when the route is blocked, there are emergency situations and you have to reach your destination within a specific time frame. When there is no other way out to reach your goal, then only such experiments should be practiced, but never under normal circumstances.


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