Know about Reiki

  • You need to believe in Reiki for it to work.

You don’t need to believe in Reiki for it to work for you. All you need is to be open to healing, and be willing to accept the energy offered.

  •  Reiki is a religion.

Reiki is a spiritual as well as a healing art, not a religion. There is no religious dogma taught ever. Reiki is taught and practiced around the world in many different cultures and does not conflict with the religion of the practitioner or recipient.

  • The Reiki practitioner ‘heals’ the Reiki treatment recipient.

A Reiki practitioner is only a channel for the healing energy to flow from the Universe to the recipient.  The practitioner does not guide or push the energy in.  Recipients draw as much energy they need through the practitioner via the various hand positions.  The energy is doing all the work and the recipient’s body, taking in and utilizing the healing energy, is the real healer here.

  • Reiki is a massage therapy

Reiki and Massage Therapy are two distinctly different disciplines. Reiki is an energy-based therapy that does not involve manipulating bones or tissues. During a Reiki treatment, practitioner’s hands are either lightly touching or just above the body.  When practitioner’s hands are moved to a different position, they are lifted up, rather than slid across the recipient. Massage Therapy requires a recipient to disrobe while Reiki clients are fully dressed, except for shoes. A Massage Therapist can also become a Reiki Practitioner and with the consent of the client can perform both techniques during the same session.

  • Giving Reiki to others depletes the Reiki practitioner’s own energy

Since Reiki Practitioners never use their own energy, there is nothing to deplete. Healing energy from the universe flows through the practitioner to the recipient as needed.  Source energy (Universal Life Force) is infinite and never runs out. The practitioner actually receives this energy along with the recipient so they become energized rather than depleted.

  • Some Reiki practitioners believe that it is not safe to give a pregnant woman Reiki because it may be too much energy and/or affect the unborn child in a negative way.

Reiki is LIFE AFFIRMING! Any-thing that affirms life cannot hurt it. Reiki is safe for all stages of pregnancy, from conception to birth. Reiki has many benefits for the unborn child as well as the mother. Taking care of the mother takes care of the child. Reiki bathes the pregnant woman and her unborn child in a sea of peace, love, and deep relaxation. It can help with the discomforts of pregnancy. Reiki can minimize the effects of stress and provide a supportive environment for the unborn child to grow and flourish.

  • Some practitioners believe that one should never give Reiki to a person with cancer because the energy will feed the tumor and make it grow!

Reiki is about balance and enhances the body’s natural ability to heal.

It does not support the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells that are cancerous.

Reiki for people with cancer provides calm, relaxation, restoration and support. Reiki can help reduce anxiety, pain, and minimize the side effects of cancer treatments. It can help in managing stress which in turns helps keep the immune system healthy; which all people need going through cancer therapy!

  •  Practitioners offering Reiki treatments never get sick

Just as medical doctors come down with all sorts of ailments, so do Reiki practitioners.  We are human and subject to the environmental stresses, bacterial and viral infections, accidents, etc that affect all of us. Reiki practitioners however, use reiki energy to alleviate the negative health issues.

  •  One Reiki treatment will permanently heal you

While it is true that one time Reiki treatment may result in a remarkable permanent healing, but issues that are chronic may require several sessions. Several treatments may be needed also if the recipient reverts back to unhealthy habits or thoughts which exacerbate their health issue(s) in a negative way. Reiki is not to be considered a quick fix. It is not a drug, which may make you feel better faster and address the symptoms, but could have devastating side effects. Reiki is holistic and works with natural body rhythms, systems and balance to affect a healing of the root cause in its own time, it is a process.

  • Reiki is considered ‘intelligent’

Some believe Reiki ‘intelligent’ because it is a Divine energy; some believe it to be ‘intelligent’ because it is guided by spirit guides; some believe it to be ‘intelligent’ because Reiki always flows wherever it is needed most; some consider it intelligent because Reiki heals person as a whole: body, mind, emotions, soul, and aura.

  • One get drain out after healing others

Reiki is a Divine source of energy. There is nothing like draining out. Though some healer feel drained out after a session. If that happens, the healer should make sure to ground, protect and shield themselves.

  • Nature can be treated with Reiki

Yes, Reiki can be sent to nature to reduce natural calamities impact.

  • Food and water can be charged with Reiki

Yes, food and water can be charge with the intention to remove toxins and negativity for happy and healthy life. Reiki infused food will be tastier, will cleanse one’s immune system align molecules into proper pattern, infuse cells, helps with digestion and remove toxins and negativity.

  • Reiki improve relationships 

Reiki can improve any relationship: couple’s issues, parental issues, friendship, boss-employee relation or even make amends between enemies. Reiki brings harmony relationships. It removes anger and resentment from heart and fill it with love and light. With the help of Reiki symbols, strained and stressed relationship can be mended. It will heal the past event that was the root cause of the issue. It also clears mental blockages related to the opposite person, brings balance between mind and heart conflict and remove misunder-standings and ego.

  • Reiki cause negative effect

No, Reiki never harms or cause negative effect. It can never be used with the intent to harm or cause negative effect. reiki always works for one’s highest good.


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