Reiki- A ray of hope for distressed people

Reiki- A ray of hope for distressed people 

Reiki helps in finding whether a missing person is alive or dead.

It was the night of September 2010, my niece from Mumbai called and asked me to do Reiki for one of her neighbour’s son who was missing since that evening. She asked me to make his mind positive and bring him home. It was 10 pm; I started healing him, and experienced a very weird feeling, and my hands were icy cold. I felt like the boy was not at all absorbing any Reiki energy which was being sent to him. A thought came in my mind, is the boy alive or not? As this was my first experience, I was a bit scared.

Next morning around 7.30am, my niece called and informed me that police had found his dead body. He had committed suicide the previous night around 9pm in front of a running train. He was a 12th grade student and had a tremendous pressure of board exams.

Then I realized it was an obvious reason why I had experienced those icy cold feelings, and why that boy was not absorbing any Reiki energy- It was a dead body which didn’t absorb/ need any life force energy.

It was indeed, a sad story, but as a Reiki Grand Master, I am a very positive person, I believe that from every negative event / situation, we can extract some positive outcome. This experience of mine helped in bringing relief in many grieving people who were in lot of emotional as well as mental stress as their loved ones were missing due to some reason or the other, and they didn’t know if they were alive or not.


 In October month of 2010, a young engineer came to me to find some information regarding his girlfriend with whom he had no contacts since last one year. She had a brain tumour and was very ill at the time of their forced separation. Her parents were against their daughter’s relationship with this person. They sent her abroad to some other country without even informing him. They also disconnected every mode of communication between them; phone, emails, and even none of girl’s relative or friends were allowed to give any information about the girl to him. He was in deep love with her and was really upset and gradually a feeling was developed in his mind whether she was alive or not.

lost loverHe asked me to heal this situation and I did so. After first session of healing; I couldn’t tell him where she was, but, assured him that she was alive as she was accepting Reiki energy from me. Later he asked me to make her to talk to him at least once via any communication mode and after one course of healing (i.e.-21 distance healing sessions), she called him. Health wise she was better but was married to someone else by that time. The boy was still happy as she was alive. Reiki had made him mentally and emotionally a very stronger person and it also helped him in moving further in his life. Now he is well settled in Germany.

deprssed boy

A friend of mine from Jaipur, Rajasthan, called me one night of March 2011, and asked me to heal her sister in laws grandson, who was missing after giving his first final exam of 12th board exam. They were very scared and wanted to know about their child. I healed him and assured them that he was alive as he was also absorbing Reiki energy from me. Just after second session of distance healing, he contacted his brother through email. After one more session of healing, he came home as Reiki had made his mind positive.

amarnath yatra

Another friend of mine from Bulandsahar, Uttar Pradesh, called me on a late evening of August 2012. She was very upset, scared and was crying, as her elder son was missing. Her husband and her two sons went for Baba Amarnath Darshan in Jammu & Kashmir. The cave in which this shrine is situated is at an altitude of 3,888 m (12,756 ft). This pilgrimage yatra is very tough and the air pressure there is always very low. Her elder son had bronchitis problem. That night rain was making the weather worst. Her son was very tired due to his health problems and was on a horse.

At night, due to some circumstances, her elder son got separated from his family, and his mobile phone was also not working and lost all contacts. Her husband called her and informed about the situation. She called me and asked help of Reiki to find condition of her son. After first Reiki session I told her that she should not worry as her son was alive as he was absorbing the Reiki energy. After one more healing session in the morning, one of their relative who was coming down from the shrine, met him, and he informed his father about the camp he was staying and later they were united.

Every answer you ever need lies with Reiki.



11 thoughts on “Reiki- A ray of hope for distressed people

  1. The case given by u in first case is very real, it happened with my neighbours son. I, Aradhana Agrawal, CA, when came to know that my neighbour’s son was missing and everybody was in tension, first thing what came in my mind was of REIKI. I immediately called my Aunt, Dr Asha Goyal Grand Reiki Master in Delhi and asked her to give Reiki to that boy so that we can get his whereabouts. But unfortunately it was too late for same, but surely I started having more belief in Reiki. Thanks to Dr Asha Goyal for standing next to me all the hard times faced by me.

    Dr Asha Goyal You have taught first degree to my both children who are of age 12 and 14 years, they are very thankful to you for the same. And as grand master you always guide them in very positive manner which is very helpful. Your blogs are very helpful in our life.

  2. Very sensitive n relevant stories reflected by u grandmaster. All these stories r related to our day to day life. A very positive n inspirin article.makes one understand that reiki is very essential in our lifes full of tensions , pressures, pain n deciets.we r very fortunate to have u in our lives n take ur hearty thanks to Mr Sushil ji n u maam to b part of our life as stressbusters. Plz keep writin n sendin these articles. We ll b anxiously wait for ur next article.

    • Yes you are right Abhishek, in todays fast pace life where we are so engaged / stressed in our routine that we all need some magic in our life that can relieve us from all these, and Reiki is the best answer.
      Thx for your comments.

  3. Asha nani, my guru taught me reiki and now I heal my teacher, my mother and my neighbours and I get blessings from them and I feel very happy…..
    Thank you nani for teaching me reiki…m

  4. Another case of missing person solved by me with Reiki energy last night
    Here are clippings of that case-

    Missing person’s wife-
    Hez been missing since 1st October nite . A suicide note was found but we searched for his body n it was not found . Later in a footage he was seen walking on da road . Just want to knw abt his whereabouts n want u to bring him bck home in helping us

    She contacted me on 7th October morning.
    I healed him 3 times a day 3 days ie till last night and he came back.

    [10/10, 6:25 AM] Mrs Kapoor: Hez bck home. Last nite raat ko 2 baje. But dint talk to anyone N cried aftr coming bck
    Thank you so much
    Really grateful

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