Reiki brings back your self-respect and dignity


A love relationship has to be happy and life-giving for both people. It should, primarily, be joyful, and both of them need to be appreciated, heard and loved.

One should feel safe in being oneself. Their beloved should be, to the best of his or her ability, supporting their expansion and growth as an individual, not thwarting it, and one should be doing the same for their beloved too.

If either of the partner feels stifled or shut down in any way, or if the relationship feels draining or difficult, then their relationship has to change or it will, likely, to end.broken heart


From last few years, I have been receiving many relationship problems / healing cases and the number is still going on.

I have seen girls / boys getting shattered because of their broken relationships. But, in spite of many miserable feelings like- despair, grief, anger, feelings of revenge etc. developed in them because of their broken relationship, they still wanted their love / partner to be back in their life at any cost. They may have also gone into panic and fear that they were incapable of having a relationship or that they will not find someone else to love.


On contrary, I always told them that, the world is a huge place with so many people looking to love and to be loved, so, rather than hanging on to the past, they should open to their perfect match so they may experience the love, joy and right companionship that their Creator has cued up for them.

Reiki can play a vital role in life of such broken heart people. If it is in the highest good of all concerned for both the people in relationship to get back together, then reiki will help in make this happen, and, if it is not then reiki will do the following things done-

  • Making them mentally and emotionally a stronger person
  • Increasing their self-respect and maintaining their dignity
  • Clearing out old energy and residue from their last relationship
  • Addressing emotional blockages that are keeping them from moving on
  • Bringing awareness to the inner sensations they may not have been able to feel since being single
  • Raising their vibration
  • Setting clear energetic boundaries for new relationships
  • Opening them up to attract new people and circumstances into their life


Last year in August 2015, I did a relationship healing for a girl from Canada and her boyfriend was from USA. They both were Indians. They were friends from the last 13-14 yrs and their relationship was very much caring, sharing type.

Last year when they were in India, they decided to get married and their parents were also ready. Just before 2 days of their engagement, the boy went back to US without saying anything to the girl and when she asked him for the reason, he said- “we are not compatible so it’s better that we do not get married.”

After that, he stopped talking to her and was not responding to any of her messages, e-mails, phone calls etc.She was completely shattered and called me for help.

Before starting their relationship healing, I told her that Reiki would work for their highest good and whatever would be the best for them, would happen and she agreed for that.

I did their relationship healing. The boy started responding to her e-mails but did not come back in her life as he was not meant to be her life partner in destiny.

But, the most important thing that happened was, she became mentally and emotionally stronger person and accepted the situation and moved on in her life.

Just few days back, she called me to tell me that Reiki did best for her. She said- After the Reiki session was over, within 2 months she met another boy who is giving her the real happiness.


Few years back, another girl came to me to get help from Reiki to save her marriage. She was looking very weak and depressed.

She had love marriage with a different caste boy. After few years of their marriage, her husband wanted to take divorce from her with petty excuses like- she did not learn his caste language, not learned making food like his mother etc. and declared that they are not meant to be together so it would be better to get separated and filed for their divorce.

She was deeply in love with him and wanted to save her marriage at any cost. I did their relationship healing but couldn’t stop their divorce as it was in their destiny. But, reiki healing made her mentally and emotionally stronger person. Financially she was already independent as she was a working woman, but after healing sessions, she became psychologically independent woman too.

She gracefully moved on to her life. Last year she found her real soul mate and got married and now living happily.


Reiki is a soothing, nurturing way to ease the emotional and sometimes physical pain that can accompany a break up.

It gets to the most deeply rooted parts of your psyche and soul, in a loving manner. With the right number of Reiki sessions, you may be able to recover from a break up once and for all.

You will see your energy and vitality soar, priming you for all good things to come your way.

You may just attract a new love or soul mate with the strength of your luminous glow that you receive from Reiki healing sessions.

My suggestion to every person who gets shattered because their love walked away from their life is- Before you decide to go back, spend time instead, deciding what you’re worth and what you truly deserve. (Time. Attention. Security. Honesty. Commitment. etc.)

And, just because you may not have had these things in the past, doesn’t mean you never will. You just have to decide to have them moving forward—and that you’re unwilling to compromise your self-worth ever again.

Remember, your relationship is a reflection of your self-worth. It’s also a reflection of what you believe you deserve.

So, gently guide your heart back into its cage, every time it wants to chase people who will shoot it down.

Repeat this: I Always Deserve Love, Care, Trust and Respect.


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