Reiki can Reverse the Bad Effects of Work Stress 6

Reiki is very useful for corporates in today’s competitive world.

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Workplace stress management is the most common problem today. Stress in any workplace can be due to increased expectations, long working hours, excess work load, inadequate sleep and body rest, less time devoted to family, office politics, competition, lack of corporate recognition, job insecurity, company reorganization or new mergers and acquisitions. Here, Reiki has been very successful in helping corporates in all possible ways.

work-stressWork Stress can lead to frustration, decreased concentration, anxiety, higher anger levels, conflicts with colleagues and family members, depression, physical illnesses such as heart disease, stomach problems, back problems, frequent headaches, etc. To help people cope up with the work-related pressure and to increase productivity of the company, employees’ mind should be stable and healthy.

Aradhana Agrawal the HOD of ECD Pvt Ltd., Mumbai, and mother of two young kids, had a life saving experience with Reiki on 25th Sep 2008.


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