Reiki Classes

The Four Levels of Reiki

Reiki is God’s healing energy, unconditional and indiscriminate. However, It shares a special relationship with the Reiki Channel who is specially attuned to It.

Attunement is the sacred ceremony through which the Reiki Master connects an individual to the Source of the healing energy forever. Thereafter as soon as a Reiki channel seeks the healing energy- a fluorescent white blue light / positive healing energy comes cascading down upon him to help in healing.

Reiki Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 are not exactly a measure of the quantum of the healing energy one channelizes, but more appropriately, the depth of one’s connection with the Divine healing energy. As a Reiki Channel progresses through each level, his awareness about Reiki grows and his mind expands across the spiritual plane. He becomes more and more alert and informed of Reiki. Finally Reiki becomes a way of life, a part of him.

Reiki leads to great spiritual advancement that magnifies with each level.



Reiki First Degree is the beginning of your relationship with the Universal Life Energy. A Reiki Master Teacher connects you to the Source of the Universal Life Energy through a special procedure called attunement. Once you are attuned Reiki flows through you whenever you request healing with gratitude. So you can heal yourself and others anytime anywhere simply with the touch of your palms.

After attunement it is mandatory to give yourself a full body Reiki healing for 21-consecutive days. This is called The Twenty-one day Chakra Cleansing and forms an integral part of your Reiki Training.

The 21-day cleansing locates and expels the toxins (negative energy blocks) that you have accumulated over the length of your life so far. It dissolves the negative energies in the blocks, displaces them with a fresh supply of positive life energy. The toxins are released. Diseases, malfunctions and distress get healed at the physical, mental and emotional levels and you find any painful symptoms vanishing. You feel younger and healthier.

Without the 21-day chakra cleansing process, the new Reiki channel (you) is still clogged with negativities and the flow of Reiki is therefore constricted.  Remember, THE 21-DAY CHAKRA CLEANSING IS A MUST AFTER EVERY ATTUNEMENT.


The Reiki First Degree Course comprises of

  • Theory portion
  • Practical portion

The theory portion has two parts. One deals with the basic knowledge of Reiki, what it is, its nature and essence, its benefits, the history of Reiki that talks about its origin and popularity across the world and the details of how the Universal Life Energy actually works within you.

The second part concerns with the basic human anatomy, Chakras (wheels of energy), the colours associated with each Chakra, the organs related to each Chakra and the common diseases caused by energy imbalance at each Chakra. The details equip you to correctly localize your healing to specific areas for specific diseases. Once done with the theory, you go on to the practical portion of the course. You learn how to-

•             Balance the Seven Primary Chakras in the human body

•             How to treat yourself covering all the 26 points on the body

•             How to treat others by touch (direct) Reiki across all the 26 points

•             Other practical uses of Reiki



Course Details:              

At the second degree class a quick recap of your Reiki first degree knowledge helps ensure that you will be able to grasp the advanced topics covered in the second degree.

  • After attunement, your healing power will have increased to several times that of a first degree channel.
  • You will be given the three divine Reiki symbols – the power symbol, the balancing/emotional symbol and the distance healing symbol. These symbols are as powerful as one can imagine them to be. You will need to practice and memorize them well. There after all symbols must be used every time you heal yourself or someone else.
  •  The purpose of each symbol and its significance.
  •  Healing past incidents,
  •  Programming future events,
  •  The various techniques of sending Reiki healing over a distance, when and where to use them
  •  Group healing
  •  Aura strengthening
  •  Aura cleaning
  • Grounding
  • Handling multiple issues / Reiki box
  •  Using Reiki for protection
  •  Space cleansing with Reiki
  •  Other uses of the symbols in daily life


Reiki Master Healer Degree is appropriate for those who want to further their knowledge and power in Reiki healing.

The master degree takes you to a different level of spirituality. It considerably increases one’s sensitivity to metaphysical perceptions, open him up to the higher divine vibrations. Of course, everybody has a unique experience with Reiki at every level.

Course Details:                

The class usually starts with a brief discussion of Reiki and your personal Reiki experiences. A quick recap of the first and second degree courses can also be done if required. Once the teacher is convinced of your sound knowledge in Reiki, the class begins.

  •   Master Symbol
  •   Colors to all symbols
  •   Past Regression exercise
  •  Attunement for IIIA Level
  •  Crystal Therapy, (detailed knowledge about different crystals, their uses)
  •   Grid Making (A crystal grid is an arrangement of crystals on a specific geometric shape that focuses the Universal Life Force energy in a particular way for a particular purpose.)



The Reiki Master Teacher Degree is meant for those who want to teach Reiki and create new Reiki Channels.

The Teacher’s Training is the main in this course wherein Duties, Responsibilities, Attitude, Psychology and Behavioral Patterns of a good teacher would be discussed in details. Student’s behavioral patterns and expectations are discussed as well.

  • The Attunement Processes for Reiki Levels 1 and 2
  • Reiki Chakra Meditation
  • Psychic surgery
  • Dowsing
  • Healing through dowsing
  • Attunement for IIIB Level

Once your 21-day cleansing is done you are prepared to take on Reiki teaching and spread the light of Reiki around you.


Candidates for this level would have made healing and teaching Reiki their second nature. This level would therefore require the least coaching as such. Entrusted with the Grandmaster Symbol one would become the master of masters and continues to serve Reiki with the incredible power and passion to heal life on earth.

  • The Attunement Processes for Reiki Levels IIIA, IIIB and GrandMaster
  • Attunement for GrandMastership
  • Candle therapy

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