Reiki could Save your Valuable Things


One of my students Mrs Verma called me today and told me how Reiki energy had saved her purse a couple of days back on Diwali eve. She had gone for shopping with her family in GIP mall of sector 18, Noida and after shopping she was waiting for her car outside the mall.

She kept all her bags along with her purse on one of the benches there and when her car came, she picked all her bags but forgot to pick her purse. While they were returning home, her husband asked her to buy some diyas for Diwali. She started looking for her purse and realized that she had forgotten it outside the mall. They immediately returned back to the mall but suddenly her car broke down on the way.

Then her son asked her to take an auto ricksaw to reach there. On the way she started sending Reiki energy to her purse, to protect it. When they reached there for her pleasant surprise, her purse was still lying there intact. She had some jewellery along with cash in her purse, but thanks to Reiki energy all were safe.


 Similar kind of incident happened to me also few years back during Diwali days. I went for shopping with my husband on Dhanteras day and had a good amount of money in my purse. In a steel utensil shop, I purchased some utensils, the shop was over crowded. My husband was standing near cash counter so I took out some money from my purse and asked him to pay the bill while I was waiting for the salesman to give my order. Suddenly a thought came in my mind and I looked at my purse and was shocked that it was open and the money was hanging outside my purse. I was shocked and surprised how it had happened and suddenly a second thought came in my mind that the lady standing next to me was trying to steal my money. I told other customers about her. The owner of the shop heard me and made that lady leave the shop immediately.

I practice Reiki daily. Reiki not only make you physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually healthy and fit but also it brings over all positivity in your life and keeps all negative energies away from you. You can protect your valuables like cash, jewellery, house, vehicles and even your loved ones too, with it.

I can say- Practicing Reiki everyday, keeps all negative energies away.


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  1. It realy helps before learning reiki i just thought that it is not real but after learning reiki it is w vere much effective. THANK YOU DR ASHA GOYAL TO BE MY MASTER.

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