Reiki Makes Children- Brighter, Sharper, and Healthier!

Children are born with clear energy channels. No matter how much they get hurt, they heal at a rapid pace. They are never tired. They are always happy, always smiling, and full of energy and never bored. They allow energy to move freely through their body, making it easy for them to heal faster and remain happier.

But, this happiness is short-lived, since with time the energy channels start getting blocked. This happens because as they grow up, they are more and more exposed to temptations, greed, anger, jealousy and other negativities in the form of negative thoughts, feelings, and also with bad / junk food.

Add to this, lack of exercise also makes things worse even faster for today’s video-game addicted child. A child has to cope with much more than before, with competition in every field, creating more stress for him. Television and the internet are also stripping a child of its innocence and energy much before its time.

Luckily, it doesn’t always have to turn out this way. Once a child learns and practices Reiki regularly, the daily cleansing ensures that any negativity picked up during the day is immediately removed, and the child continues to channel as much energy as before. This ensures that when a child grows up, he or she continues to have the same energy and capacity to learn as before, while growing wiser with age.

Reiki works best with children for the simple reason that they have much lesser negativity, and Reiki can get straight to work. For this reason, children reikichildren are also much better healers when compared to adults. Reiki helps improve concentration and memory, thereby helping children perform better at studies. It also aids the development of the right brain, which means that they are more creative and also develop their intuition and psychic abilities much better than their peers. This leads to better emotional intelligence as well, which is essential to progress in today’s world.


Reiki ensures better health so they hardly miss school, which again helps

them cope better with studies. Reiki also helps teenagers remain grounded and sane during the most tumultuous/ restless period of their life. This not only makes parenting them a bit easier, but also ensures that any possible problems are kept to a minimum.

Reiki is one of the biggest boons children have today, because it helps them do one thing that nothing else can – remain a child.

With the knowledge of Reiki, children become empowered and are able to help themselves when they are hurt, sad, or afraid and also feel safe and protected.

Reiki is making their world a better place and effectively changing our world as well.


8 thoughts on “Reiki Makes Children- Brighter, Sharper, and Healthier!

  1. I am 10years old. I have learnt reiki from dr asha goyal on 26th may 2013. I am practicing reiki on myself and on my mother . I heal my neighbour who had pain in her right ankle she was cured and very happy and blessed me.

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  3. I myself is a grandmaster and practicing reiki for my friends and family from past few years only . I am new to your blogs found them really worth reading. Keep writing as it really motivates other to move on with a positive outlook. Gratitude .

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