Reiki works for your good in relationship problems-

Relationship is very important in everyone’s life. To keep it healthy saves oneself from unnecessary emotional troubles and stress in life.

Reiki can help in troubled relationships of all kinds, like- married couples, parents and children relationships, siblings, friends, colleagues.

Reiki is a very effective therapy which assists in healthy, vibrant and good relationships. It also helps in creating and nurturing successful relations.

 Reiki works for the highest and best good of the recipient, as dictated by the recipient’s higher self, as such whatever the highest and best is for one’s relationship will start to flow. This means you stay together or move on is not always clear. But Reiki is about healing and can only help.

 Troubled relationship

 Reiki can heal conflicts in relationships and clear off the blockages inside your mind. The universal form of life force energy can heal body and mind of a person. It can balance the energy forces and gets towards different solutions for issues. Reiki can clear off the blockages of energy patterns having no use in your life. It can also welcome new form of energies in a better way and get you rid of the unhealthy energy, which can let you down and becomes a reason for breaking off relationships.


Veena from Surat, called me in the month of June 2009.

She was worried about her brother, Vijay Rathi and his wife, Sunita’s troubled relationship.

Sunita had a very bad experience before marriage, which had created a psychological problem in her life. She was suspicious all the time on her husband, having relationship with other women.

Many a times she used to get violent on her husband and also on her 9 year old son due to some reason or the other.

Vijay wanted her to get proper treatment for her problem, but she was not ready for that too. After trying for many years, Vijay finally wanted to end this relationship, but she was not ready for that too. Her parents were also creating problems all the time.

Veena wanted some peace in her brother’s life and was also worried about her nephew’s psychological development.

Veena called me and asked to help her brother.

I healed their relationship and asked cosmic energy reiki to bring result which was for their highest good.

I healed them for 21 days and finally they got divorced from each other, on mutual understanding. Now Vijay is leading a peaceful life with his son, and sunita is with her parents.

Reiki saved a marriage

Reiki is a fantastic tool for clearing off the conflicts in relationships and drafting a new pathway for beginning healthy relationships to begin in your life. It is an art of balancing your soul, thoughts and physical body to give birth to better relationships. It can build stronger roots for your relations and help you to lead a stable life.


Vaibhav, who lives in Delhi, came to me for self healing in January month of 2009, asked me to help his college friends, Neeraj and Meena.

Neeraj and Meena were married in 2008. It was a love cum arranged marriage. They were introduced to each other by some common friends. Soon they started liking each other and got married.

Neeraj was an engineer, based abroad and Meena was a fashion designer.

After marriage, Meena also moved abroad with husband Neeraj. For six months, they were very happy. Suddenly, they started parting from each other. Things became so worse that they were not in talking terms to each other.

And, finally they realized that they can not live with each other so decided to get divorce.

Neeraj was advised by his friend to take a last chance with Reiki to save his marriage and he agreed.

Vaibhav approached me. Explained the case and asked me to help.

I started healing for their relationship by distance healing, once a day. I was trying to remove the misunderstanding developed between them. I also tried to remove ego of both the people and developed love between them once again. I healed them for two course of distance healing. One course consists of 21 healing session.

The outcome was that -they started talking and caring for each other. Ego between them was gone. Now they are a very happy married couple.

Reiki can help you gain clarity, tap into your intuition, and discover your inner wisdom. It can also give you big-picture perspective to better assess if your relationship is working or if something needs to change.

You know when there’s something you really want—say, a healthy relationship, or a specific goal, or a challenge to overcome? And even though it’s a positive thing, you can feel in your body where you hold resistance to it. Maybe because change can be scary, maybe because it stretches you to grow, but from whatever place that this resistance is coming from, Reiki can be very effective at softening and helping you let go of it.

Lastly, Reiki is all about balance, whether it’s your emotions, your physical body, or your life in general and if all areas of your life are in balance you’ll be happier and your relationships will be happier too.


75 thoughts on “Reiki works for your good in relationship problems-

  1. want to save a few realtionships for wic i might need your help n i am a reiki master 3rd A. kindly reply me back asap.

  2. I read ur articles , I did reiki level 2 course , I sometime use it for my married relationship , but I think the desired which I won’t is not , I won’t be settled everything between me and my husband , but when I charge reiki my sleeping time on my bed to transfer positive energy between us two , but I thought after giving reiki it’s no working ??? Why ???

    • Hi Tabassum,

      For any cronic problem whether it is a physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, do reiki at least for 21 sessions that means one complete course. After that if problem still exist then repeat the cycle again and again.
      You have done Reiki level 2, then you should know that Reiki works on the root cause of the problem and not only on symptoms. So, healing time entirely depends upon how deep rooted the problem is.
      Remember Reiki is neither a BLACK MAGIC nor a MAGIC WAND, you have to work on the problem according its time of persistent.

      God Bless you.

  3. me and my partner almst broke up coz of sum future problem but v still r friends and v kindaa meet each other once in four months i want to patch up wid him and i did reiki level 2 course i tried but isnt working wat shuld i do

    • Hi Rutvi,

      Reiki does not work against destiny but if you are practicing reiki daily it can minimize the intensity and quantity of physical, mental, emotional or spiritual harm you are going to face today.
      You can try one more course of 21 reiki healing session for your relationship once again. Healing should be done daily for 21 days.

  4. I am 7 months pregnant women. my husband left me 7 months back and filed for divorce petition. he is so rude, arrogant and stubborn. he not even thinks about me and my baby. I want him to come back before my baby delivery. my baby needs him rather than me. i want you to help me to get my husband back. please save me and help me and my child.
    i want you to please pray on behalf of me and my unborn baby to get my husband/ father back again and live happily. i want him to love me and my baby so much.i want him to come in this month.he is staying in USA i want him to take me to USA for delivery. please pray for me. i am in a lot of pain and struggle.
    i want immediate result either it is call or something. i want to get a message or email or a call from my husband immediately. he is not talking to me. i am sending emails daily but he is not responding me. i want him to give me a kind reply to my email immediately.please help sir.


  5. Am 2nd degree practitioner..want to heal my relationships..can you please guide me how to do present we are not talking to each other..he is influenced by one of his friends..please guide me.

  6. Hello, mam,
    I m also suffering with same marriage problem, how can I contact you. I wana save my marriage life. Plz help me out.
    Thank you

  7. Dr Asha

    I used reiki for 21 days to bring changes in my marriage. However I see no change, the marriage hasnt gotten better neither has it ended. What do I do?

  8. Facing serious relationship problem.. I feel that reiki can help me to save my relationship.. But I have to take necessary steps asap.. I would like to tell u that am 2nd degree practitioner..

    Need help!!!!
    Please reply asap..

  9. Hello mam,

    I am having a strange kind of problem with my marriage. My Father In Law keeps interfering in our smallest matters and always talks about separating me and my husband. I am a level 2 practitioner and I have tried all types of healing. As soon as things start to get fine between both of us, my father in law is back with some or the other issue. He keeps us taunting for financial issues, kids and traditions. There is so much of trouble in my married because of my father in law. He fills my husband’s mind against me and my husband has got this inseparable fear in his heart and mind that I will hurt his parents. Please help me. How do I get back to the happy relationship of ours and not let my father in law spoil my husband’s mind. My husband has stopped talking to me and has sent me away to my mom’s house. Please help

  10. I hv problem with my mother in law n father in law.they both hold my life.they tried to destroy my relation with my husband.I want to stay apart or get some relief. At present I m at my father’s marriage n my child both are in husband n my 3 year old son loves my in laws both are ready to leave me instead of mil is very bad towards me. She is not even very good towards my husband or my son.but still this is happening to me.I never insulted my in laws but they insults me every time without any hesitation.IF I said something in return like you also do things in this way so why u pointing mine they start fight n all curse.I felt whatever my mother in law wants it happen automatically may be she had some powers.she had full control on my family.what ever she want only that food I can give to my child. If I tried to make another food for him he denies to eat or get vomit since he born.he did not open his mouth when he was only six months old.I m depressed pls help

  11. My name is Jolene and I wanted your help to fix my relationship. We have been together over a year but lately he has become very distant, no affection and I caught him on dating sites. Please help

  12. Hi please help me with my relationship with guy ! He hurts me doesn’t commit and takes me for granted ! Please help

  13. Hi,
    I am done with my 2nd level reiki and am in relationship with someone since 2.5 years he loves me very much but he is not ready to get married to me cuz of his parents am trying to give reiki everyday but things between me and him bocomes miserable when we talk about marriage how to heal my relationship and help it reach till marriage.

  14. Hello Mam
    I’m a 2nd degree holder of reiki …. I m going through a serious problem in relationship. Things and situations are just becoming worse . I do Faith in reiki . I know it will heal my relationship. I just want to know how should I heal it up and I need your help.
    Please help

  15. Hello Mam,
    I had a love cum arrange marriage 3 yrs back but my marriage is about to end as my husband has filed a petition for divorce under his mom n sisters influence.I tried hard to save coz we have been together for 11years before marriage n there was unconditional love between us and got married but his family created such differences that i failed.
    My first hearing date is in next 4days..I seek your help immediately to save my marriage.
    Please reply asap mam.

  16. I read your articlle..

    I have reiki level 2.. I have my relationship problm with my partner..She still in contact with me.But i really don’t know how should i do reiki to patchup our relations…can u plz help me

  17. mam.. I need your help.. I am vrry disturbed as my relationship is not going well and very frequent thoughts came to end my life.. Plz help me plz.. Plz mam its vry urgent.. I am in very trouble..

  18. I am loving a girl and she also loves me.I am a Reiki second degree holder .What best positive affirmation or any best help but how can I take from Reiki ..Can you please guide me ..

  19. I am facing relationship problems. There is no communication between us since 4-5 months. Both of us are studying for UPSC. Please help me.

  20. Mam namaste
    I HV some problem with my female friend now we r not in contact Bt I want back my friendship pls help. How distance healing can help me.

  21. Hi!!
    I also need ur help to sabearriage of my brother in law. They filed the divorce in court. Last hearing is in March. We want to stop this divorce. Can u please help me out.

  22. Please help,i lost one of my good friend due to misunderstandings.our friendship got spoiled.i want to restore everything back.

  23. i am facing a relationship problem with my best friend.due to some misunderstandings he is not talking to me the way he use to talk before.m very disturbed.
    can you help me out?

  24. My name is karamjit.i am facing some problems in my life.i have a loose temper.we are fighting with each hubby get angry quickly.m foreigon country ch settle hona chahdi ha.but koi success hi ni mil rhi.sometimes think that i leave everything.plz help me and save my marriage life.

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