The principle of Affinity- LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE

People who are looking for inner peace, calm and wants freedom from stress, should accept and work on the following principle-

The principle of Affinity- LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE


Whatever we think about, draws, attracts and generates an emotion similar to the thoughts in our mind. So, if we start meditating on how badly we have been treated and how we have been let down by others, corresponding negative emotions arise and multiply.

We start feeling sad, getting “depressed”. The mood is “down”. The more unhappy and sad we feel and continue meditating on our problem, the worse we begin to feel. We may end up with a severe headache or need to stay in bed feeling totally miserable.

What you can do if you don’t have any healing system available?

 Either do the following things-

1)      Go for a brisk walk, take a jog or any other form of physical exercise in open air, in a park or garden. It will throw out negative energy from your body and replace it with the positive energy available from the environment.

2)      One can chant any mantra in a temple; it also creates the same effect.

3)      At home- evaporate camphor, burn an oil lamp or a candle, swab floors with sea- salt water, fresh cut flowers with leaves and stems can be kept in water in a vase or a bowl also transmute negative energy.

4)      The sound vibrations made by blowing into a conch-shell destroy subtle negative energy, destroying and retarding normal growth patterns of bacteria and viruses while creating healing energies.


Focus your attention on the positive.

 Recite this every morning in front of a mirror while smiling-

Every day in every way I am getting better and better.

In a Reiki way we say- I live in an abundance of everything- health, wealth, joy and happiness. 

With the principle of Like Attracts Like, an “abundance” of positivity rapidly begins to manifest in the individual’s life.

With Reiki empowerment / attunement a fresh abundance is created, magnified and accelerated to a phenomenal degree, to materialize in the individual’s life.


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